Each innovative PHYRIS facial offers powerful & visible results tailored to your
skin conditions & needs.

Exfoliates, deep cleansers, peels (papaya enzyme & AHA Fruit Acids) prepare the skin for the appropriate facial treatments

Phyris Facial Explanation

• Problem Solving Facials

Select out of 6 customised facials –
Based on your skin condition, your desired end result is achieved by using modern, hi-tech formulation & phyto active ingredients to support, renew & protect your skin.

  1. Special Care for sensitive & stressed skin
  2. Comfort Care for oily & acne prone
  3. Refining skin surface
  4. Anti-pigmentation, Whitening & Lightening
  5. Deep moisturising and refreshing for dehydrated skin
  6. Firming & Moisturising Hyaluron Mask

• Mini Express Facial and/or Seasonal Facials– for a quick ‘pick-me-up’ for the busy schedule and preparation for that special occasion.

• Age-Defying Facials

• Advanced Hi Tech Facials

  • Micro Dermabrasion
  • Dermalift