cos tat testimonials



“I had my eyebrows tattooed at a different salon and was extremely disappointed with the outcome. Eventually I heard about Vera at Beauty 24/7 and her amazing work with cosmetic tattooing. After a quick session, Vera managed to completely change the look of my tattoo, the shape, colour and thickness had been corrected beyond expectation. My only regret was that I didn’t go to Vera first. Highly recommend her work!!” – Claire, Knox, Victoria, Eyebrows

“Eights years ago I wanted to do something about my fading eyebrows. A friend recommended that I have them tattooed by Vera as she is the best practitioner of this art. I did so and was very happy with the results. After 8 years I am a regular client and won’t consider anyone else. Vera is highly skilled and meticulous. There is minimal discomfort with her use of the best topical anesthetic cream. Vera advises regular touch up sessions and I have found this to be good advice.” – Susan

“I came to Vera with very sparse eyebrows. I had to draw them in. Everyday I had to get up half an hour earlier to draw on my eyebrows. I am very, very happy with them. They save me so much time and worry. It was the best money I have ever spent. Thanks a heap Vera.” – Sarah, Rowville Victoria, Eyebrows

The pain was nothing …. The topical worked very well and kept me comfortable. The procedure of choosing shape and colour was very exacting and the final result stunning. To have gone from no eyebrows to these glamorous ones in a couple of hours is great. I can’t wait for the ‘settling down’ period when the final result will be even better.” – Jenny, Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria, Eyebrows

“Very different but fantastic! I don’t have to hide behind my fridge and I can walk around with confidence. Didn’t hurt. Worth every cent. Recommend having it done to anyone.” – Lydia, Sydenham Victoria, Eyebrows

“My face has been enhanced and my eyes stand out with my new eyebrows. I think it has made a huge difference as most of my eyebrows had thinned after medical treatment. Thanks Vera for taking the time to keep at it and get it right, you patience is great. Thanking you” – Kate, Ringwood Victoria, Eyebrows

Multiple Procedures

“Vera went past my expectations! Very, very caring, very entertaining! Obviously has a great passion for her art. Amazed at how much care and time was taken. I can already see how thrilled I’m going to be with the result and can’t wait to return for more! – Julie, Mitcham Victoria, Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lipline & Full Lips

“I would recommend these procedures to anybody as I feel and look much younger and only wear a smidge of make up! Thankyou. – Lee-Anne, Queensland, Eyebrows & Lipline with Blend”

“Dear Vera
I feel that you are a very professional person and that you are very proud of what you achieve. I felt very at ease and felt that you listened to me and what I wanted and that you were only too happy to do what I wanted. I have had previous lip tattooing which wasn’t a great success, this is why I came to you and I know I will get follow up treatment.”- Jean, Christmas Hills Victoria, Lipline, Full Lip & Eyebrows


“Having eyeliner done made a big difference to my face, especially being fair like me. Now people can see my eyes. I’ve had great feedback from all my friends.” – Nancy, Victoria, Eyeliner

“This procedure was well worth the time and cost. Vera’s gentle, professional approach is reassuring. There was a slight tingling/ tickling sensation. I am thrilled with the result. By emphasising my eyes, my whole face looks younger and fresher. Thanks Vera.” – Diane, Vermont Victoria, Eyeliner

“Dear Vera,
Just a note to say thanks so much for fitting me in at such short notice and for such a professional job. The added bonus for me was that you are such a lovely lady, which made the procedure much easier for me. I was so impressed by the way you gave me a ‘breather’ when you thought I needed it (and you were right on the mark!) The waxing was also very professionally done and painless … I’ll be back.” – Charmaine, Lilydale Victoria, Eyeliner

“I was scared / anxious re the process but thanks to ‘topical’ there wasn’t too much pain but definitely a lot of gain. I’m lazy and dislike applying make-up – just can’t wait to ‘wake up and look glam’!! – without doing a thing. Appreciated the interesting conversation that took my mind off it.” – Alyson, London UK, Eyeliner

“I wanted a very natural look that would accentuate my eyes. I did not want a liner look, as I like to change my eyeliner colours and didn’t want to look as I had make-up on all the time. I needed more depth at the roots of my lashes to frame my eyes a little better so, as I did not look so bare. I was very surprised how little discomfort I felt. The anaesthetic was amazing! It was just like someone was drawing a pencil around my eyes. I was wrapped with the natural colour that was achieved. Get it done – you won’t regret it.” – Tanya, New Zealand, Eyeliner (Lash enhancement)

“Vera managed to transform a couple hours, a bit of apprehension and small amount of ink into amazingly natural looking lashes. Thankyou for your relaxed approach in a situation that people many would not be too comfortable with – me included!! Once again thankyou! Keep using the same topical anaesthetic as there was no pain, barely and sensation, very mild pressure/tingling only!!” – Amber, Elwood Victoria, Eyeliner (Lash enhancement)


“Fantastic, Vera took her time and listened to what I wanted – I love it!” – Sarah, Surrey Hills Victoria, Lipline & Full Lip

“A bit hesitant at the beginning. Started off the most scariest with me having to outline my lips! In the end Vera helped me (thank goodness that’s why I am getting this done!) The first outline is the most intense part, mainly nerves and uncertainty, then we breezed along. Happy with the colour and I didn’t swell too much. Vera is a very encouraging coach. She answered all my questions to the best of her knowledge.
Many thanks Vera.” – Shirley, Ferntree Gully Victoria, Lipline & Full Lip