Corrective Colour

corrective colourCamouflage
Used on areas to help bring a natural skin colour back into the area using MCA stimulation and / or implanting corrective camouflage colour.

Great for those with:

Scars from injuries
Scars from burns
Scars from surgery (leaving white scar lines)

Note: Treatment not recommended for Vitiligo sufferers (pigmentation loss)

Nipple & Areola Restoration
Colour is implanted to enhance the colour and shape after reconstruction surgery to give the appearance and colour of nipple & areola.

Who Benefits from a Nipple & Areola Restoration?

After Breast Reduction Surgery
After Breast Mastectomy Surgery
Add Definition to Pale Areola


“Thanks – you made me feel relaxed and comfortable. The result are way beyond my expectations.”
Dee, Victoria, Nipple & Areola Restoration

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