Facial Harmony

Natural Therapy of muscle, stress & energy release for your
face & body wellbeing.     No cosmetics used.
This is a new & exclusive technique, very gentle & wonderfully restful under expert hands. Your facial muscles & skin will begin to change before your eyes causing you to look and feel more alive, vitalised & totally refreshed.

Come and enjoy this Natural Face Lift TODAY
facial harmony
∙ No surgery
∙ Look younger
∙ Look less tired
∙ Increase circulation
∙ Improve muscle tone
∙ Refine skin texture


How does it work?
Facial Harmony stimulates the connective tissues in your skin – working through the nervous system to separate the different layers of important muscles and connective tissues. This creates improved blood supply and removes harmful cellular waste.

Throughout the program, muscles are progressively “released” in your face, head and neck. The elastin fibres that give your skin and muscles lift are also “released”, together with the facia that supports the shape of these tissues. The cumulative effect is an “uplift” as muscle layers move and work more freely.