Caring for your Lip Liner Tattoo

A lip liner tattoo involves implanting a natural pigment into the dermal layer of the lips to produce fuller sensual lips. It is a permanent procedure since the pigment cannot be washed off and is suitable for people with a number of issues such as sun damaged lips, crooked lips or a make-up allergy ensuring that your lips look fresh and sensuous all the time.

The procedure

Lip line tattooing offers three different options: the lip liner, the lip blend, and the full lip. The lip liner is an implantation to create a fine line around the lips to define its shape. The lip blend follows the lip liner to create a soft and smooth blend of the lip liner colour with the rest of the lips. The full lip is a full or total treatment of the lips aiming to balance crooked lips, redefine lips that are thin, and create a fuller and larger lip projection.

The procedure is intended to provide renewed confidence to people with pale lips, undefined lips, or sun-damaged lips. The initial procedure may take one to two hours including the preparation. It’s a straight-forward procedure and many customer reviews say the lip liner tattoo is as easy as a mild eyebrow plucking procedure. It is accepted as a safe beauty-enhancement process but must be administered in a hygienic environment where strict standards of hygiene and sanitation are observed.

Caring for your lip liner tattoo

Because the procedure involves a mild intrusion into the skin, there may be cases when slight swelling and redness of the skin around the lips may occur which should subside quickly in no time. The lip liner tattoo, as with any other tattoo, would require care immediately after its application, especially since the lips are the entry points to the mouth, and we know how bacteria lodges in the mouth. You will be advised to ensure your mouth is clean before and the after tattooing. When the procedure is finished, you will also be advised not to smoke or drink for at least three hours.

In caring for your new lips, you must take extra care to keep the area clean. To lessen this chance of infection, you would be advised to use a mouthwash and to keep the lips dry at least for the ensuing four days. It would also be advisable not to go under direct sunlight to enhance the healing process.

After a few days, you may notice some scabbing or drying of the skin in the outer area of the lips. Do not pick these scabs as they may still be attached to skin that is not yet ready to fall off. Just let the loose dry skin fall off naturally. The natural healing process would take at least two weeks to produce the desired results.

Regain your confidence

Thousands of women of all ages have regained their confidence by having this beauty treatment. With highly skilled beauty professionals handling the procedure, the rate of success and acceptance has attracted more women to want to have cosmetic tattooing. If age or work has taken away the shape and colour from your lips, lip tattooing may just be the beauty treatment you need to regain that fresh vibrant feeling.

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