What is a Cosmetic Tattoo?

A Cosmetic Tattoo, also known as Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation, is a technique which uses tattoos to enhances your facial features, in a way similar to the use of makeup products. The technique is used to enhance the colours in your face and lips, create artificial eyebrows or eyeliner and disguise scars and other marks on the skin.

Advantages of a Cosmetic Tattoo

Permanent Makeup offers several obvious advantages over the use of ordinary products. First and foremost, after the tattoo is finished, it’s permanent. This means you won’t ever have to do your makeup again, retouch it or worry about it in any way, except for the occasional touch up which might be necessary after several years, depending on your lifestyle and sun exposure.

Another great benefit of Micropigmentation is the fact it uses hypo-allergenic, natural pigments – which means it reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Micropigmentation professionals are very capable and careful – they should be prepared to create whichever type of makeup you might need. From simple, subtle work like filling in your eyebrows or defining your lips to a polished full face of makeup; you’ll be able to have the look you want 24/7, even on the most active of days.

Cosmetic Tattoos are also great for those who aren’t yet very confident in their makeup-applying skills, due to inexperience or lack of time. Speaking of time, this procedure can also be a great time saver because not only will you save the time it would normally take to apply your makeup, you’ll also be able to skip the process of learning how to apply it properly.

The effectiveness of Permanent Makeup isn’t, however, limited to time. After the natural pigment is permanently implanted deep into the dermal layer of your skin, never again will you have to spend money on makeup products, which can be very costly over time.

Important considerations

Should you decide to get a Cosmetic Tattoo, be sure to consider very carefully which practitioner you will use. When making your decision you must first consider that because Micropigmentation is an invasive procedure, failure to take into account proper measures of hygiene can have terrible results. Always make sure the practitioner follows strict standards of hygiene. The professional should use sterile and disposable equipment at all times, and failing to do so puts your health and well-being at risk.

The second consideration is that the professional will be making permanent changes to your face – and you shouldn’t allow them to do it unless you trust them to be very experienced and familiar with face aesthetics. It always helps to check out their portfolio and verify that their previous clients’ results conform to your standards before selecting them to apply your pigmentation.

Assuming you hire a trusted, trained professional to do it for you, the procedure for applying a Cosmetic Tattoo should be straightforward and hassle-free. After you are given the appropriate amount of anesthetic, the client will likely feel about as much pain as they’d expect to feel when having their eyebrows plucked. The whole process usually lasts about one or two hours, depending on the complexity of the chosen design.