Beauty 24/7 offers three enhancing lip procedures: Lip Liner, Lip Blend, Full Lip
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Lip Liner
Colour is implanted in a fine line around the lips to give a defined shape.

Great for those who have:

  • Pale lips
  • Undefined lips
  • Sun damaged lips
  • Emphasise or enlarge the mouth

Lip Blend
Colour is used to outline the lips and is then blended into the lips – creating a blended, less obvious, lipline. This gives a softer lipline and fills the parts of an uneven lip.

Great for those who want to:

  • Balance crooked lips
  • Define thin lips
  • Create fuller lips

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Full Lip
An outline is created and then the entire lip is implanted with colour – no need to wear lipstick – large number of colours to choose from. No need to re-apply lipstick every time you eat and drink. Plus lip gloss will give a lovely finishing touch.

Great for those who have:

  • Uneven lip colour
  • Pale lips
  • A Make up allergy
  • Create fuller lips

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